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Sustainable Performance Rate:
Updated in November 2019

Brand · People Tree

Product · Sweet Dreams Print Tee

Material · 100% Organic Cotton

Made in · India

"Before buying Be conscious"


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Planet   85/190

Discover the environmental impacts behind

  1. Only safety and legal chemical used

  2. No chemicals discharged to the environment

  3. Low emission logistics used

  4. Pesticides and fertilizers regulated

  5. Efficient use of water at field

  6. Controlled management of natural resources and emissions

High Risk

Mid Risk

Low Risk

Water Footprint = 147 liters

Low Risk compared to average

Carbon Footprint = 3,2 kg CO2 eq 

Mid Risk compared to average

Toxicity Footprint = 2,4 kg PO4 eq 

Low Risk compared to average

Waste Footprint = 0,20 kg

Low Risk compared to average

Drinking 406 water bottles (33ml)

Equivalent to

Consumption of 23 light bulbs 

Equivalent to

Equivalent to

Phosphorus in 83 tomatoes 

Consumption of 40 plastic bags

Equivalent to


 85% liters of water saved using sustainable materials and also 65% of kg CO2 eq saved with efficient transport and processes.

Be responsible.

People 55/60 
  1. No GMO

  2. Safe exposure to hazardous chemicals

  3. Safety and health work environments

  4. Safe work & better livelihoods

Discover the social and ethics behind

saf-215_0 copia.jpg
"The secrets of sustainability lie
with the farmers and workers"

Safia Minney ·  Founder

Captura de Pantalla 2019-11-18 a les 16.
"Without this strong partnership,
we could not achieve this"

Assisi Garments · The Producer

This garment has gone through 77 hands

from design to sale. Be conscious.

transparency 35/40 

Discover the traceability behind

  1. Organic certified

  2. Supply chain traceability

  3. Committed to high levels of transparency

  4. Committed to sustainability


68 process behind. 10.173 km travelled.

Made in India. Be curious.

circularity 20/30 

Discover the brand initiatives behind

  1. Monomaterial compatible for recycling or biodegradable

In 2019, People Tree has increased their journey towards transparent, sustainable and human supply chain by 31%.

people tree

London since 1991

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Being part of People Tree means

being good for people and the planet.