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Brand · Thinking Mu

Product ·   Blue Fog Milky Way Blouse

Material · 100% Tencel ®

Made in · India

"Before buying Be conscious"


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Discover the environmental impact behind

  1. No chemicals discharged to the environment
  2. Water reused during processing
  3. Conscious consumption educators
  4. Environment friendly packaging
  5. Mono material compatible for recycling
  6. Sustainable raw material used

High Impact

Mid Impact

Low Impact

Water Footprint = 193.73 liters

Low Impact compared to average

Drinking 587 water bottles

Equivalent to

Carbon Footprint = 7.97 kg CO2 eq

Mid Impact compared to average

Consumption of 57 light bulbs

Equivalent to

Toxicity Footprint = 6.20 g PO4 eq

Mid Impact compared to average

Equivalent to

Phosphorus in 216 tomatoes

Waste Footprint = 0.31 kg

Low Impact compared to average

Consumption of 63 plastic bags

Equivalent to

Tencel ® saves 65% liters of water compared with conventional viscose and also 80% of g PO4 eq compared with conventional viscose

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Harendra Gumgaokan · The Producer
""From the beginning working together""
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Pandej · The Producer
""He learned to swim with Thinking Mu""
Discover the people and ethicals behind

  1. Safe labor conditions at facilities

This garment has gone through 75 hands

from design to sale. Be conscious.

Discover the story and processes behind

71 process behind. 10073 km travelled.

Made in India. Be curious.

In 2019, Thinking MU has increased their journey towards transparent, sustainable and human supply chain by 30%.


Barcelona since 2010

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Being part of Thinking MU is being

part of an attitude and a commitment.

Updated in July 2019

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